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About Us

Fueled by fire, driven by courage

Firefighters never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they saved

American Firefighter Outfitters is an American apparel and firefighter fashion accessories company. We design and develop firefighter performance equipment and lifestyle pieces. Our products are inspired by the brave men and women heroes, who risk their lives every day to protect our community.

American Firefighter Outfitters was founded in Texas and is owned and operated by firefighters. We believe in God, family, community, traditional values, and giving back.

$1 on every purchase is donated to charity helping firefighters and families of fallen firefighters.  

“No one knows the abject fear of running into a burning building. Unless he has done it. No one feels the anguish of a mother who sees her baby daughter trapped behind a burning door. Unless she has seen it herself.

No one can explain the senseless loss of life that results from just one careless moment. There is no explanation.

No one knows the agony of a wife and mother who gets the telephone call late into the night that her husband and father to her children will never come home again. No one.”

Our mission is to offer a wide variety of quality Firefighter and First Responder products and gifts at Great Deals with excellent Customer Service and donate $1 on each purchase to the community, firefighters, and families of fallen firefighters.