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St. Florian Patron Fire Rescue Challenge Coin

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Product Includes: 
-1 St. Florian Patron Fire Rescue Challenge Coin
-1 Black Velvet Display Coin Box (optional)

Throughout human history, there have always been those individuals who have willingly sacrificed their safety to shield others from fire's deadly force. Driven by a deep desire to help those most in need, these valiant men and women have relied on an inner strength that few possess.

Over the centuries, countless generations of firefighters have called upon the aid and protection of St. Florian of Lorch, the third-century Roman warrior who was tortured and killed for rescuing innocent Christians from the ravages of fire. Inspired by his compelling example, they faithfully fulfill their life-saving mission.

This coin pays tribute to the extraordinary courage and conviction demonstrated by firefighters throughout history.

Black Velvet Collectors Display Coin Box is a high-quality black velvet gift display box for the Firefighter Prayer Coin. This collectors coin box makes the perfect gift wrapping or display box for the Firefighter Prayer Coin. All gift items are wrapped in high-quality black velvet gift boxes before being securely packaged for delivery. 

God Bless Our Firefighters and keep them safe on every call! 


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