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5 baby names linked to firefighting career path

A firefighter by any other name is still a firefighter, yet these five crop up more than any other name in the fire service

What do Brandon, Darren, Ryan, Jason and Jeremy have in common?

It turns out that people with those names are more likely than others to be firefighters.

Researchers at Verdant Labs, who developed the Nametrix app, analyzed public records from the Federal Election Commission and the Social Security Administration to find the most common names in each profession.

"So, do our names influence where we go in life?" Verdant Labs founder Mark Edmond wrote in a blog post. "Or do the social, geographic, economic, and other factors that might have influenced how our parents named us also direct our career paths?"

We're on board with the latter, he said.

Obviously, naming your son or daughter doesn’t mean they'll automatically grow up to become a firefighter. Nonetheless, it's still interesting to see this trend.

The researchers didn't indicate if volunteer firefighters were included, but it seems unlikely. Not surprisingly, no female names cracked the top five.

How many firefighters do you know with these names? And, would this information influence how you named your newborn?

Check out the full list of other top names in professions.

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